Loomery x eCommerce

Lead digital innovation, embrace AI, and launch fast with Loomery

We're empowering businesses to rethink their digital experiences to quickly meet customer demands in an increasingly competitive market.

As AI and automation reshapes the eCommerce landscape and customer expectations in 2024, tackling this has become top of the agenda for leaders. Tech stack hurdles, AI uncertainties, and talent gaps - our research and previous projects have uncovered the invisible roadblocks that are holding back eCommerce retailers.

Innovation challenge:

"Stepping into the world of AI and automation can feel like leaping into the unknown, and I'm unsure of where to begin"

Problem: Parts of your customer journey are broken and you believe that AI could help automate pain-points, but you need support in getting started.

Our Solution: Loomery maps your journey for automation opportunities, recommends tools, and builds your internal digital capabilities.

Technology challenge:

“Choosing the right tech tech and building for the future has left me feeling overwhelmed with choice and unsure of how to pick the right tools”

Problem: Lost in a sea of headless software? Unsure whether to build or buy?

Our Solution: Loomery audits the best-in-class software solutions, consults on the perfect tech ecosystem, supports with build & implementation, and empowers your team to then manage it all.

Team challenge:

“When urgent digital initiatives arise, we often don't have the full capabilities or 'dream team' resourced and ready on short notice

Problem: New projects demand a fast, reliable team, but yours is stretched thin.

Our Solution: Loomery's network of expert Makers fills the gaps, providing engineers, product managers, designers, researchers, and strategists on demand.

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How we partner with eCommerce organisations

Making to Learn

We identify the right things to build by making, testing and learning fast

Product and proposition strategy
Rapid prototyping and UX design
Customer research and insight
Technical strategy
Creating proof of concepts
Service Design

Making to Launch

We accelerate progress by partnering with you to design and deliver at pace

Product design (UX and UI)
Front-end experience engineering
Cloud engineering
Product leadership

Making to Lead

We prepare your teams for a complex future by growing their capabilities

Digital tooling and training
Product management coaching
Technical hiring support
Capability assessments
Pragmatic agile working

We are experienced in helping retailers overcome broken customer experiences using AI and automation. We work to establish sustainable tech strategies and address temporary skills gaps in product, design, and engineering.

Our work
Loomery worked with Tesco to develop an intuitive business intelligence platform for cyber security data.
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Moo partnered with Loomery to help their customers better self-serve through a transformed eCommerce experience, while maintaining the personal touch that Moo is renowned for.
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Bionic partnered with Loomery to design complex customer purchase journeys for an AI-enabled, human supported future.
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Naked Wines
Loomery worked with Naked Wines to build a customer-centric technology strategy and stack, a "build vs buy" framework, and then delivered their next-gen architecture.
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