August 2023

Building intelligent products for cyber security needs

How Loomery worked with Tesco to develop an intuitive business intelligence platform for cyber security data

Cyber security is one of the most important issues for large retailers. For organisations operating in this space, having highly secure products and practices is vital to ensure that risks from threats are managed and business can proceed unhindered.

Tesco approached us with a clear brief. They wanted to create a digital product to help organise and visualise their cyber data. The goal was to better communicate the status and impact of security efforts at the multinational retailer, with the C-suite as the primary audience. They needed to improve tracking and reporting on the impact of security workstreams and, in turn, automate their data-driven decision making.

The solution

Loomery created a bespoke business intelligence product for executives at Tesco, shipping the first version two months after first cutting code. We provided a lean cross-functional team of a PM, engineer and designer who collaborated closely with the security team at Tesco to define and develop the new platform.  Given the sensitivity of the data, our team was careful to build the platform in a secure manner and following security best practice.

Co-founder Tim and Head of Strategy George visiting Tesco HQ for workshops

We kicked off the project by facilitating workshops and interviews with Tesco leaders to understand their needs and analyse existing processes around cyber security reporting and comms. Following this five-week product discovery period, we iteratively built and deployed the platform, with the first version ready for beta testing after just eight weeks of development.

Weekly iterations followed on, with the Loomery team pushing the product live four months after our first meeting. Through collaborating closely with Tesco engineers, we were fully aligned with their technology, languages and tooling.

A conceptual design for the business intelligence platform

To ensure the success of the product, we trialled the tool with C-suite members, and shipped product updates tackling their requests and suggested improvements.


The product is live and being used by the security committee and members of the Tesco board. The platform takes complex information and makes it digestible for time poor executives, meaning time saved tracking and communicating security data. Through the increased quality of cyber reporting and collaboration, the application is helping manage and mitigate cyber risk to the business.

This is just one example of how technology can transform organisational processes and performance, ultimately making companies more secure and effective.

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