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A team of experts passionate about making

Loomery is a growing team of designers, engineers and product people based out of our Bloomsbury office in London.

A team of experts passionate about making

Loomery is a growing team of designers, engineers and product people based out of our Bloomsbury office in London.

Our leadership team

Tim Checkley

Tim is an experienced product leader and delivery specialist. Over the last 15 years he has led the discovery and build of dozens of highly successful digital products and services with many millions of users between them. Tim has worked with NatWest, Met Office, TfL, News UK and others.

Brett Thornton

Brett is a marketing, research and strategy expert with over 10 years experience shaping market-leading products, leading strategy teams, and crafting communications strategy for global brands. Brett has worked with Apple, BP, Visa, Tesco, Unilever and others.

Ben Nicholson
Head of New Business

Ben has a decade of experience in growth, business development and consultancy roles across the sport, higher education, non-profit and commercial sectors. Over the last 10 years he has worked both in-house and in agencies, building and leading business development and marketing teams for service-led businesses.

Charlotte Mill-Tucker
Head of Marketing

For the last decade, Charlotte has been working with technology organisations to build marketing functions from the ground up and develop strategies to achieve growth objectives. Passionate about creating targeted noise, Charlotte has spoken at numerous large events and hosted an award winning podcast.

George Kean Proudfoot
Head of Strategy

George has been helping organisations make smarter bets on products, platforms and technology for over a decade. He’s developed new propositions for ING, BNP Paribas and OakNorth; launched innovation strategies for Visa and Diageo; and shaped digital transformation at PepsiCo and the Met Office.

Soroosh Avazkhani
Engineering Lead

With over 10 years of experience building products and leading engineering teams, Soroosh has worked across a variety of stacks and domains. He has spent time in start ups and larger established companies with legacy software and systems. He has worked with Cazoo, Money Super Market, Avant Arte and Barclays.

Joni Mortimore
Design Lead

Joni has over 10 years industry experience designing and delivering digital products alongside some of world’s most prestigious brands. She has led design teams across tech, travel, luxury fashion and hospitality. Joni has worked for Soho House, Burberry, Mr & Mrs Smith, Estée Lauder, Lush and others.

Mark Butcher
Delivery Lead

Mark has a decade of experience in delivery, project and product leadership roles. He works across public and private sector, and has enabled teams across a breadth of contexts to consistently deliver high quality outcomes. Mark has worked with Tesco, Ford, NatWest, UK Home Office and NHS.

Meet the makers

Our permanent team combine with the Loomery Maker Network: a 100+ network of vetted specialists across the design, product, strategy and engineering communities.

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Deep technical capability

We have skilled strategists, designers and engineers delivering end-to-end product success with the established platforms and the latest emerging technologies.

Our makers share a way of thinking and working

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We learn by making

We know that teams who put things in users' hands earlier learn faster, waste less and deliver better results. We put pen to paper in the first days and prioritise making over powerpoint.

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We speak to users (at least) weekly

We're passionate advocates of a customer-focussed approach, ensuring a laser focus on solving user needs. Speaking to users regularly creates rich insight and avoids risky assumptions.

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We don't compromise on quality

Moving fast cannot come at the expense of quality. We set the bar high and hire people who are passionate about doing the best work possible and who help others do the same. 

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We choose smarter tooling

We equip ourselves with the latest design, prototyping, research and low-code development tools to slash the time it takes to get v1 out in the world.

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We're pragmatically agile

We use the minimum amount of process to get the job done, meaning our pragmatic teams are able to move fast, keep things simple and ship early.

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We seek co-conspirators

We love working with people who want to make a big impact and prefer to ask for forgiveness. We partner closely with clients to guide them through the journey. 

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