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The brief

Founded in 2006, MOO shook up the print industry with what they’ve now established as their signature and longest standing product - better quality, more affordable business cards. Fast forward to now, and they are one of the world’s fastest growing print and branded merchandise businesses, crossing a lifetime value of $1bn in 2022, after 14 years of consecutive growth.

Along the way MOO has stayed true to its core mission - ‘Great Design for Everyone’, while being unafraid to take advantage of technology to scale this mission to more businesses across the world. This mission is infused in everything they do, from their range of beautifully crafted branded products, unmatched design and print reliability and truly exceptional, award-winning customer service. 


Loomery joined MOO just as they were embarking on a transformative journey; to create a new platform that would expand the range of products businesses could customise and apply their logo to. For the first time, MOO would be bringing much more of that journey online, giving a huge amount more creative freedom to businesses themselves’.

This new platform - and its enhanced self-serve capabilities - would help MOO scale to reach its future revenue ambitions and future proof its operations, making them much more scalable. In addition, the new platform would offer the opportunity to radically rethink the types of services and support it could offer businesses and expand the range of businesses it could serve.

Project summary

Through 2023 Loomery have been working closely with MOO teams to bring this new platform to fruition. From leading Discovery, to embedding with multiple development teams and helping to build product, design and research capability we have accelerated progress across the product and technical teams.

Project in numbers


Customer Interviews


Collaborative Workshops


Interactive prototypes

“It has been awesome to see the product come to life and to leave our team with some great practices on what good research looks like. Without Loomery, Moo wouldn’t be where we are with building a new experience or thinking about the future with our customers in mind. It's been a pleasure!”

— Claire Donald, Vice President of Technology & Product at MOO

Embedding in MOO to Accelerate Discovery

During the initial 10-week discovery phase, we immersed ourselves in the realm of branded products and the new e-commerce platform, rapidly uncovering and prioritising the highest value challenges and opportunities to solve for both MOO as a business, and its customers.

This collaborative journey included a wealth of 1:1 interviews with stakeholders across the business to understand their hopes for the new platform, challenges and learnings from their time at MOO, ensuring we were constantly aligning our approach in research, strategy and design for the new platform with wider business goals.

Throughout this period, we distilled our key findings and conducted regular playback sessions. These sessions allowed stakeholders to get a direct insight into what customers were saying, as well as ensure they were deeply involved with the process and able to give regular feedback on our direction and output. This process led to a clear set of goals that streamlined our path to progress and helped to keep up momentum.

Understanding the customer

We uncovered profound customer insights, speaking to 46 branded products purchasers and decision makers in all, and employed a number of tools and methods to help MOO learn more about the businesses and users it serves, continually clarifying assumptions and building confidence.

We employed moderated exploratory interviews, concept and “fake door” testing, prototyping, co-design sessions throughout the Discovery process, using each to help us build up a clear picture of our users and their context, priorities, jobs-to-be-done and pain points.

With these insights, we facilitated a series of interactive ideation workshops involving a wider MOO team of stakeholders across the business. We gathered the workshops around the identified customer problems and opportunities, and had participants generate potential solutions.

Rapid discovery to delivery transition

Our initial 10-week Discovery gave us depth of insight into the opportunity space and priority business and customer problems to solve for branded products. We got an enormous breadth of feedback from users through concepting and testing end-to-end journeys. This thorough grounding in the space enabled us to transition smoothly into a clearly prioritised, achievable delivery plan and roadmap.

We created a new unified roadmap for MOO’s new platform which focused development and ensured focus was on areas offering real value for the business and customers. We then hit the ground with MOO’s development teams, helping them to transition into a new ‘sliced’ way of shipping value in each sprint. With the vision of the best experience as our guiding star, we identified the manageable steps to get there, with the initial aim of building out a core, end-to-end testable MVP on which 200 live orders could be placed in September 2023.

Setting up for long-term success

For Discovery and its benefits to live on in an organisation, we need to set up the right processes, tools and people to support it, and this looks different for every business. At every step in working with MOO, we were not only testing and refining the product, but also the processes we were using.

Plenty of collaboration between MOO and Loomery went into creating a particular MOO blend of Discovery, in which we worked with stakeholders based both in US and UK, we collated learnings and updates in a Notion and recorded demos to fit within their hybrid and international workforce. 

Building capabilities

We were instrumental in MOO’s capability building - assisting in the interview, hiring and onboarding of a new Head of UX/UI, and several permanent Product Managers. We open sourced our methods, providing structured 1:1 Discovery coaching with members of the MOO team, and quickly adaptable templates and frameworks for common processes. Our cross-functional playback and ideation sessions helped to familiarise a broad audience with the benefits of Discovery, demystify the process and also quickly and effectively tap into the many different brains of the business. 


The MOO and Loomery collaboration is still ongoing. Loomery teams supporting MOO in design and development ahead of the new platform launch. A great deal of progress has been made since we started working with MOO in January 2023, including:

  • A strategic vision & roadmap: a research and strategy-informed optimal experience to guide MOO’s product development, delivering on priority business and customer outcomes.
  • Rapid Discovery-informed delivery: Weekly iterative releases and demos shipping value-led features, with end-to-end testing folded in to de-risk and ensure usability. 
  • Research capabilities: A new MOO Head of UX/UI, repurposable Discovery templates, workshops and toolkits, PMs coached in and carrying out Discovery, and regular demos of progress & insights.

“Loomery's expertise has proven to be of immense value to MOO in our journey of discovery, aiding us significantly in advancing our strategy and roadmap and identifying the most important outcomes for our customers. Our collaboration with Loomery has been exceptionally seamless, with them perfectly integrated into our team and working closely with our internal stakeholders. Their ability to help us visualise, test, and validate the desired customer experience has filled us with excitement and confidence for the road ahead. Thank you Loomery!”

— Noha Ghazouani, Director of Product at MOO