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Loomery x Universities

Accelerating towards a digital-first future for higher education

At Loomery, we help universities create market-leading digital experiences.

Loomery is a team of makers who partner with you to learn at pace, launch with impact and lead your organisation forward. Our making-led strategic approaches deliver solutions to help your organisation go further and accelerate towards your product future in days and weeks, not months and years.

We've worked with LSE, the University of Exeter and the University of Bath to develop strategies, launch new digital experiences and build new capabilities.

Our research shows the most common gaps in the student experience are the result of three challenges:

  1. Universities not being clear on what experience they’re trying to deliver with digital
  2. Universities not knowing whether their current tech can support that experience or whether they should build or buy something new
  3. Universities needing something bespoke and high quality delivered fast and not having the digital capabilities or capacity to do that

Today is a golden opportunity to take what's been learned and set the conditions to thrive over the next decade.

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How we partner with universities

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Digital student experience discovery

Taking a student-centred approach to build a compelling vision of the ideal-state experience, with a roadmap of the product improvements and launches required for you to get there.

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Technology roadmap planning

A pragmatic and methodical approach to reviewing the major elements of your existing technical estate and taking the decisions that will underpin the experiences you want to deliver.

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Bespoke experience design and delivery

Small, nimble teams of digital product experts including designers, strategists and engineers focused on delivering high quality apps, websites and other digital services for your university.

Discover how using cross platform technologies such as Flutter can accelerate a digital-first future for students and higher education providers.

Flutter development

How we helped the University of Exeter

When the University of Exeter wanted to build a next-generation app for students to access everything they need in one place, Loomery was perfectly placed to deliver. They needed a partner who could mobilise fast, provide a full Agile development team; use a cross-platform framework; build new cloud infrastructure; model and champion Agile ways of working; and transfer knowledge to the in-house team, building their own digital development capabilities.

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“My faith has been restored in the ability of a good team to deliver a technical solution to budget, on time and beyond the expectation of the original brief.”

- Ian Blenkharn, Director of Student Experience, University of Exeter

How we helped the London School of Economics

The innovation team at the London School of Economics, LSEi, is responsible for supporting academics in transforming their novel ideas into new businesses, products, and services that benefit society. LSEi help academics test their ideas cheaply and quickly, with a particular focus on incubating businesses that depend on software. The challenge for us was to create a reusable toolkit that would help academic entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground.

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"We’re extremely pleased with Loomery - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others, it’s been a great experience."

- Charlotte Rowan, Research Innovation Manager, LSE Innovation

How we helped Discover Uni

Loomery is the retained research and design partner for Discover Uni, an official source of information about higher education for the UK. Over the past two years our teams have leading research with prospective students, teachers and careers advisors and refining the design of the website to help serve those audiences better.

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"We’re extremely pleased with Loomery - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others, it’s been a great experience."

- Charlotte Rowan, Research Innovation Manager, LSE Innovation

How we helped The University of Bath

Loomery worked with The University of Bath to research, design and deliver an intuitive student App, live with a test group now. To do this Loomery built a cross-platform student app using Flutter to help students at the University of Bath book study spaces, get around campus, find out about events, and get help when they need it.

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Flutter development partner

If your organisation’s has cross-platform development goals, our team of technical experts are poised and ready to help you achieve them.

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