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Using this Google-backed, open source technology it's easier than ever to build apps for every screen

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. It's powered by Dart, a programming language optimised for fast apps on any platform.

At Loomery, we've spent the last four years putting Flutter through its paces, building five apps (and counting!) with tens of thousands of users between them. Our experience has been fantastic and we're big Flutter fans. It's not right for every scenario, of course, but the framework is rapidly maturing and is increasingly capable.

Why savvy businesses choose Flutter

Build once, deploy everywhere

Create and maintain a single codebase leveraging Flutter's wizardry to serve as an efficiency game-changer, allowing effortless app deployment across platforms including iOS, Android, web and desktop.

Build responsively with ease

Flutter offers pixel-perfect control and flexibility, enabling the creation of tailored, responsive designs that adapt to any screen size. Deploy to multiple devices from a single codebase: mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices.

Lightning-fast performance

Flutter's Hot Reload enables developers to implement real-time changes and view immediate results, all without the inconvenience of restarting the application. This not only accelerates the development process but also fosters seamless collaboration within teams, ensuring an agile and efficient workflow.

Trusted by the best

Established industry leaders, such as Google, BMW, Toyota, eBay, and Philips, place their trust in Flutter for its robust cross-platform capabilities and rapid development cycle, which have consistently led to impressive cost savings, accelerated time-to-market, and a profound enhancement in user experience.

Flutter is our bread and butter

When the University of Exeter sought a next-gen, all-in-one student app, Loomery answered the call.

They needed a partner who could mobilise fast and provide a full Agile team. To do this we used the cross-platform power of Flutter to build a bespoke app from scratch using one codebase for two apps. Automated tests supported streamlined quality assurance, saving valuable time.

The resulting app introduces a digital service that embraces the University's vibrant new brand. Using Flutter, we seamlessly integrated the fresh styles, colours, typography, and logos, and our student audience greatly appreciated the revamped experience.


Apps delivered using Flutter with tens of thousands of users between them


Flutter experts in the Loomery Maker Network


Years of experience building Flutter apps for mobile and web

“Developers like Flutter for two main reasons: Firstly, Dart is a modern, helpful language that compiles to machine code, and scales well as apps become more complex; and secondly, the Flutter framework makes it easy to create attractive user interfaces and organise app state efficiently.”

— Paul Thomas,  Loomery Flutter Specialist

Backed by an open source community

Flutter’s Widget Framework is nurtured by a thriving open-source community. This ecosystem ensures an ever-flowing stream of new widgets, packages, and enhancements. These abundant resources grant developers an unparalleled edge in crafting software that stays in sync with the ever-evolving technology landscape. At Loomery, we are active participants community and we have recently applied to become official partners in the Flutter Consultant Directory.

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