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About us

Loomery is a team of digital product makers who partner with organisations to help them learn at pace, launch with impact and lead their organisation forward.

Our making-led strategic approaches deliver solutions to help organisations go further and accelerate towards their product future in days or weeks, not months or years.

Since launching three years ago we’ve worked with large businesses, universities and startups to design and deliver new digital products and grow their digital capabilities. In the past few months we’ve worked with Tesco, Diageo, Jaguar Land Rover, and the University of Bath. 

We're increasingly building at the cutting edge of the third era of personal computing, where AI-enabled smarts combine with Spatial interfaces. Check out our AI sandbox, our insights from spending a day at Apple with Vision Pro and our Spatial experiments creating an immersive environment for reading. 

How we work

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We learn by making

We know that teams who put things in users' hands earlier learn faster, waste less and deliver better results. We put pen to paper in the first days of a project, and prioritise making over powerpoint.

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We speak to users (at least) weekly

We're passionate advocates of a customer-focussed approach, ensuring a laser focus on solving user needs. Speaking to users regularly creates rich insight and avoids risky assumptions.

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We don't compromise on quality

Moving fast cannot come at the expense of quality. We set the bar high and hire people who are passionate about doing the best work possible and who help others do the same. 

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We choose smarter tooling

We equip ourselves with the latest design, prototyping, research and low-code development tools to slash the time it takes to get v1 out in the world.

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We're pragmatically agile

We use the minimum amount of process to get the job done, meaning our pragmatic teams are able to move fast, keep things simple and ship early.

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We seek co-conspirators

We love working with people who want to make a big impact and prefer to ask for forgiveness. We partner closely with clients to guide them through the journey. 

The role

We’re lucky to already have a brilliant network of designers, strategists and engineers but we’re keen to add to that and are inviting applications. 

The network is designed to bring together a group of the best product practitioners who we love working with, making it easier to form brilliant teams around interesting problems. 

In return we offer you interesting work, flexibly and remote, working alongside other great people, when it suits you. 

As part of the network:

  • We’ll give you first refusal over any relevant projects.
  • We’ll keep you updated about any upcoming projects.
  • We screen everyone in the network so it's a community of passionate and talented practitioners.

Benefits of joining: 

  • A reward for any work you refer - 5% of the first year’s revenue (up to £10k)
  • A reward for referrals to the network who end up joining - £50 Amazon voucher per new member
  • A quarterly event on Loomery (meal, picnic, sports day etc)
  • Join Maker Network Slack 
  • Loomery gift pack inc. wine, Loomery swag (after completed project)
  • Monthly coaching from Tim or Brett
  • Early payment during projects (on request)

About you

The company we're building

How to apply

If you think you could be a good fit for our network of expert makers, get in touch below, sharing your CV and a short note explaining your suitability for the role. We’ll arrange a call to get to know you, understand your capabilities and see how you might fit in. 

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