November 2023

More efficient stores, and more stores in your living room

Retail operations and customer experiences in the third era of personal computing

The retail industry has always been one to adapt and evolve - remember Tesco’s staff on roller skates? Well, in today's technology advanced aisle, there’s a trolley full of transformative opportunities for both businesses and customers! 🛒 

#1 Get a live digital view of the store

We have a wealth of data available about the state of our physical and digital stores, but we can now gather much more fine-grained information using machine vision in store and advanced analytics online. This enables us to create a unified digital representation of the store. 

  • What if store managers could walk down the aisle and view an overlay of store activity including customer traffic patterns, sales metrics, or even lines that need restocking?
  • What if buyers and planners could easily identify items that are frequently browsed but not purchased allowing them to strategically reposition or pair with offers?
  • What if directors, or area managers could view an aggregated view of the stores or categories they manage - with the ability to remotely ‘drop in’ to a virtual view of a real store? 

#2 Upskill and empower staff 

Spatial devices are perfect for supporting staff as they get to grips with tasks, or learn new skills. Help your team learn the tasks they need to do in context, guided by experts and give them access to a co-pilot to make complex work easier. This enables us to ensure staff are productive faster, and reduces downtime for training.

  • What if we could provide training in store using a mixed reality and audio layer that supported learning? 
  • What if we could guide staff to priority tasks and optimise for safety and compliance? 
  • What if staff had the full power of machine learning at their fingertips? - e.g. glasses can quickly scan a crate of fresh tomatoes and tell you how many are ripe.

#3 Trial and customise products anywhere

Mixed reality and high quality 3D imagery will allow customers to ‘experience’ products from the comfort of their home. They’ll also be able to choose infinite variants and customise to their heart’s content. 

  • What if you could virtually slip into that fluffy dressing gown and take a twirl in your own bedroom on payday, or see how a burnt orange chaise lounge might compliment your living room wallpaper?
  • What if you could sit in the driver’s seat of that dream car and customise the trim, while in your pyjamas?

#4. Discover, find products and get smart support

Shopping experiences will be fundamentally remade by virtual environments. The promise of the online store as a place you can visit will finally be realised with spatial, while ML enables us to deeply personalise it. And we’ll be able to create experiences that maximise customers' enjoyment of the products they buy.

  • What if we could walk down the aisle of a deeply personalised supermarket store, and a virtual Jamie Oliver’s offering recipe suggestions for the stick of chorizo you’ve just picked up? What if you could travel through Delhi’s bustling Chandi Chowk or Mumbai’s Crawford Market? As you virtually explore, and shop for ingredients like fresh turmeric or basmati rice, engaging pop-ups share recipes and culinary insights?
  • What if we could provide virtual cooking demonstrations once you get home?
  • What if you could immediately speak to an expert while you’re shopping for a new TV or laptop? 

#5. Eyes-On Customer Support:

Instead of spending hours explaining an issue with your new flatpack wardrobe puzzle, imagine being able to share your perspective in real time with a Customer Service Representative, for swift and accurate problem-solving. By visually sharing and interacting, businesses can ensure issues are not just heard, but seen and resolved with precision and empathy.

  • What if you could show a flatpack expert where you’re stuck and get them to annotate the real world so you know what to do next?
  • What if you could quickly resolve a return claim by showing a CSR what you’re looking at? 

The third era of personal computing brings a significant shift in retail, blending digital convenience with immersive experiences. From live digital views of the store, to 'eyes-on' customer support, these innovations promise tailored, responsive journeys. Retailers are not just adapting but shaping the future of shopping, creating a landscape rich with opportunity and innovation. Are you ready to embrace the transformation?

We’re in the third era of personal computing, a time of experiences underpinned by advances in Spatial Computing interfaces and Machine Learning smarts. The changes are going to impact every facet of our lives, and how businesses operate, from the way we buy goods and services to the way we get tasks done at work and Loomery want to help your organisation get ahead of the competition. Find out more here.

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