Are you ready for the third era of personal computing?

The third age of personal computing is happening at the intersection of machine learning and spatial computing. And it's happening now. Loomery teams can help you accelerate towards your product future with these technologies.
What is the third era of personal computing?
PC and tower
First era
Iphone Mobile phone
Second era
Apple Vision Pro and ChatGPT logo
Third era
Spatial + machine learning
How will it feel?





We’re already in this era.
It’s happening now
Experiences are already around us and there are compelling applications of these technologies appearing every day.
Amazon Alexa Hub
Ray Ban Meta Glasses
Someone using VR headset
Google CoPilot

What if. . .

What if you had your own virtual personal trainer, assisted driving or a recipe guide personalised to what's in your fridge? We have compiled some real life concepts so you can see what's possible in the new era of personal computing.

Who are Loomery?

Loomery is a team of makers who partner with you to learn at pace, launch with impact and lead your organisation forward.

How to get started

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Vision Pro app port & optimise

  • iPhone/iPad app review
  • Xcode project update
  • Remove deprecated APIs
  • Isolate unavailable features
  • Optimise for visionOS features
  • Update app assets
  • Recompile app
App ready to release for Vision Pro
2 weeks - £15k
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Third era concept & experiment sprint

  • Opportunity mapping
  • Rapid Spatial and ML ideation
  • Prototyping and visual design
  • Gorilla and false door testing with users
2-4 prototype experiences
4 weeks - £30k
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Build v0.1 of your spatial + ML experience

  • App vision and spatial journey map
  • Developing a new MVP app
  • Preparing data pathways + 3D assets
  • Preparing for release
  • Icon and launch assets
Get the first version of your new ‘third era’ app live
6 weeks - £50k
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