December 2023

Imagining the future of personal computing

The possibilities with spatial computing and machine learning are endless, so we started imagining, what if…

We have talked about how organisations should be utilising spatial computing and machine learning to stay ahead of the competition, but what exactly does that look like?

Let’s indulge ourselves for a moment thinking about use cases that could really hit that spatial and machine learning sweet spot. We’ve had a bit of fun looking at these concepts…

What if… you could have a generated celebrity personal trainer that was custom-trained around your health data, motivating you during your training sessions. Perhaps it could adapt a workout using real time heart-rate data, taking your room and equipment into account - is this the type of workout you would want? An actual virtual personal trainer, for real, for the first time. 

What if… you could have an augmented reality head-up display in your car that could project safety alerts and navigation aids onto the roadscape ahead of you. To go one step ahead, what if it could monitor your driving style and provide live driving tips projected onto the road in front of you - or safety advice at the end of your trip based on how you drove? Insurers would love that I’m sure!

What if… you enter a virtual kitchen that has all your regular purchases laid out in front of you. You can find out about the provenance of ingredients, what they pair with, their nutrient or allergen profile. Perhaps you can visit an ‘inspiration’ room that recommends dishes and recipes for you based your buying history, personal preferences and what's in your fridge.

The possibilities really are endless and we wanted to mock up these prototypes to show how this could work in reality. This new era is happening right now, at the meeting point of spatial computing and machine learning, and at Loomery we want to help your organisation get ahead of the competition. Find out more here.

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