Senior Engineer

About us

Loomery is a faster path to product progress. We form trusted teams to work on high value problems.

Our community of expert makers, remote teaming approach and flexible partnership model mean we deliver progress in weeks, not months or years.

In our first year our team delivered new digital strategy and products for Kiss and Absolute Radio, Naked Wines, The University of Exeter and NorthEdge Capital.

You will be employee #7 or 8 and will partner with the founders, Brett Thornton and Tim Checkley to grow the business. Brett and Tim are strategy and product leaders with over two decades of experience delivering for many of the most ambitious organisations in the world including Apple, The Met Office, Visa, NatWest and Tesco. 

We are passionate about creating a diverse company that’s a stimulating and supportive place to work - and one that leaves the planet better than we found it.

The role

We’re looking for a Senior Engineer to create Loomery with us. We want someone who can shape our technical approach, drive growth by delivering products successfully, build a technical team and win new work.

As one of our first permanent team members, you will help to establish the fundamentals of Loomery alongside us as founders. 

In the role you will:

  • Be the technical lead for our initial engagements, working with Loomery and client teams to design and deliver high quality web and mobile products.
  • Contribute to Loomery’s new business efforts, pitching and representing the business externally.
  • Help to recruit a technical team and coach them to successfully deliver quality products faster than our clients thought possible.
  • Deepen your mobile engineering and web development skills.

The role will report into Tim, who has a background in product delivery. Over time we want this role to evolve into a key leadership position within the business. 

About you

We're looking for someone who is excited about the challenge of building a business.

We’re looking for someone who is: 

  • A skilled technologist, who has taken high-quality digital experiences (web or mobile) to market.
  • Comfortable working with, evaluating and discussing multiple common web and mobile technologies, languages and frameworks.
  • Experienced collaborating with non-engineers to deliver against customer and client outcomes, and craft impactful products.
  • Able to solve challenging technical and non-technical problems independently and autonomously.
  • An excellent communicator, who can work effectively as part of a collaborative team, alongside clients.
  • Experienced working with cross functional teams using Agile practices and continuous delivery.

It’s not essential, but it helps if you have worked with clients for an agency or consultancy.

The company we're building

Loomery is a two year old company, formed in unusual times, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it'll be like to work here at such an early stage. You will be a critical part of shaping it. 

However, here are a few things we already know:

1. We have a few draft principles that have guided us in our work so far:

  • Make each other successful - By paying attention to others we set aside ego and work as a team.
  • Passionate about quality - We share high standards, and take pride in the detail. 
  • Cross-functional and curious - We are open-minded, we ask questions, we listen, we cross-over specialisms and we learn.
  • Own and act - We value those who move things forward, taking responsibility to solve problems for and with others.
  • Care for our clients - We  build empathy for our clients and deliver an outstanding service, not just great products.
  • Value over process - Our goal is to deliver value fast and we adopt just enough process to make that happen.

2. We will invest in the things we care about:

Flexibility in where we work

The 2020 WFH experiment has been great for some, awful for others. We know we value time working together face-to-face, in our experience it’s invaluable for building lasting teams. 

What we’re doing - We will continue to mainly work from home for 2020. To enable that we’ll buy you everything you need to work from home successfully, whether that’s a shed, a new router, a lava lamp, or a standing desk. COVID allowing, at some point in 2021 we will find a space where we can work together in London at least a few days a week. 

Flexibility in how we work

Everyone has different needs and demands on their time. We want Loomery to be inclusive for those with caring responsibilities or health issues. As a dad and dad-to-be we know how important it is to make time for growing families too. Sometimes work shouldn’t come first. 

What we’re doing - We’re very open to conversations about flexible working hours and novel working arrangements. We also plan to offer a generous maternity and paternity leave policy.

Creating a diverse team 

Diverse organisations make for better products, a better workplace, and contribute to a fairer society. As two white men* we’re committed to building a diverse team and creating a supportive environment where everyone can do their best work.

What we’re doing - We are taking advice on reaching under-represented groups. We will engage a partner to help design Loomery for inclusion. When it comes to hiring, we are using a wide pool of sources to fill this and other roles and prioritising lived experience over university degrees or certifications. 

*We’ve got work to do, so to keep us honest we will be reporting on our progress after this round of hiring.

Leaving the planet better than we found it

Everyone needs to do more to address the climate crisis, and even though our impact is still relatively small, taking action starts at home. 

What we’re doing - As a first step we’re offsetting all the carbon we’re using this year, and working through the process of certifying as a ‘pending B-corp’.

Growing the business

Growth is the engine that drives new opportunities and learning. We believe people should be rewarded for bringing in new business and making new connections from their personal networks. 

What we’re doing - We plan to offer generous incentives for referrals which convert into paid work and for individuals who consistently drive growth.

Tinkering & learning

In our industry it pays to spend time learning about the latest technology or tool. We also love it when people we work with develop new skills and bring new ideas to the team. 

What we’re doing - We will provide a technology and learning grant for purchases of your choice, as long as it’s aligned with company growth and in budget, we’ll fund it.

The exact details of each of these benefits are being worked out at the moment and we're more than happy to give you more details as we go through the interview process.

3. Startups are fun, but a bit unpredictable:

We've funded our own journey and growth as a company. Things have gone faster than we anticipated, with two clients signed and the financial stability to make two full-time hires. 

You'll be joining a startup 24 months in, and this comes with a number of considerations that we'd like to be transparent about:

  • Early-stage companies are unpredictable and a bit risky. There are open questions and unvalidated assumptions in what we're doing. 
  • Change is continuous and by design. If everything goes to plan we’ll be a very different business in 12 months, and unrecognisable in 24. We find that exciting, hopefully you do too. 
  • Progression isn’t a straight line. Lots of unpredictable factors will positively and negatively affect both your progression and the progression of the company. If you’re excited by the opportunity to face varied and rapidly-changing growth opportunities, then this is the place for you!

How to apply

If all of this sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you. Please send a short CV and covering email introducing yourself and telling us why you’re right for this role.

We expect the interview process to be two rounds, the first held over Zoom and the second held in-person in London.

Loomery is committed to fairness and equal opportunity in our hiring process. Please let us know if you have specific requirements that should reasonably be factored into the application process, or if you’d like us to clarify any aspects of the role.

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