March 2024

Meet the team - Soroosh

​​We are delighted to welcome Soroosh Avazkhani to Loomery as Engineering Lead!

Welcome, tell us a bit about yourself...

Hello! My name is Soroosh and I currently live in Cambridge. I moved there about 3 years ago from London during lockdown. I am a self taught software engineer who's passionate about building great products for the user, using elegant system architecture.

What are you looking forward to about being part of the Loomery team?

I am looking forward to being part of a growing team at Loomery, delivering real value to our clients and seeing them come back for more! I am also looking forward to hopefully changing the way people interact with tech, fingers crossed!

What was the first tech project you worked on?

Probably building a dodgy connection to our main SQL server (before the days of micro services) from an excel spreadsheet; which gave our CTO a few nightmares and subsequently resulted in my first official tech job - mainly so he could stop me doing dangerous stuff!

What's your favourite tool or app most people haven't heard of?

Favourite app that no one has heard of is too much pressure! I'll go for a polarising pub discussion; best website ever made... YouTube! Changed the game!

Recommend one podcast or book

My favourite podcast would always be a Guardian one, who do excellent podcasts, so either "today in focus", "long read" or "football weekly" (if you like football)

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